Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gathering for Conversation on Forgiveness


Listening to a portion of Michael Moore's story "The Blessing" will begin this Sunday's Gathering, and it will be followed by a conversation about forgiveness. You are invited to bring brief readings about forgiveness to share with the larger Gathering.  The offering is still to be determined, and there will not be a potluck meal.

In her e-mail Karen issued the following invitation (which has occurred)

Please remember and participate in the Martin Luther King Junior Celebration this Saturday, August 25:

WHAT?   March from MLK Park to City Hall to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the March on Washington in 1963.

TIME?     Gather at 9:15 a.m. at the park to walk to City Hall. Shortly after 10:00 a.m. we will have a brief but powerful service of prayer, music and speakers.

PURPOSE? The work of Dr. King, and all those nameless people to create a nation that is just and equitable for all, needs to be celebrated and the challenges that lay ahead in that work need to be presented and accepted if the work of the Dream of Dr. King is to be carried on toward completion.

WHY NOW? Golden Anniversaries, 50th remembrances, are always a time for celebration. But time is only a tool for good if it is used. In this 49th year, we need to set specific goals, personal tasks, and  corporate commitments to continue bringing about change between now and next year’s 50th anniversary.

WHO?     We invite everyone who is committed to the goals of community marked by unity, compassion, justice and equality. We invite young people and church youth groups to come as groups representing their churches. We invite individuals to join in. We urge churches in the community to make members aware of these opportunities. We ask churches to provide opportunities for older or infirm members to come in cars and ride in the procession if they cannot walk. We will have ways for people who walk to get back to their cars after the program.

PROMISES? We promise that you will be reminded of very specific work that has been going on right here in San Angelo to realize our dreams. We promise you will be presented an opportunity to see where you can commit to making a difference. We promise that you will leave the event proud of who you are, and aware of what we can become together.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gathering for Contemplation and Action

Ever Evolving Community,

Theologian Paul Knitter speaks about a "Sacrament of Silence." He states:

"If the Divine is truly a Mystery that is beyond all human comprehension, beyond all human ideas and words, then any spiritual practice must make room - lots of room - for "the practice of silence." 

But of course, all faith traditions also teach that spirituality is about compassion – concretely caring for others. During tomorrow's Gathering, we will explore this interdependent relationship between Being and Doing, between contemplation and action.

For our pot luck, you're invited to "contemplate" your food offering.  What does it say about your life? Your interests and tastes your spirituality? Where and how are you spending your time and with what are you nourishing/filling your body? Our offering will be designated for West Texas Organizing Strategy.



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beauty from Difficulty

Thanks to Roger, Ann and Nancy for leading the Gathering this coming Sunday night. The theme, Thanksgiving in August, is a twist on the spiritual discipline of gratitude, or being thankful. The group is invited to share stories about times when something difficult turned out to lead to something wonderful. This comes from the reality that while The Gathering is in the midst of difficult change because many Gatherers are leaving San Angelo for new horizons, so many good things continue to happen. 

In Roger's words:

"For most of us our vision is very limited, so it's often impossible to know how what seems crappy or wonderful is going to turn out or what it might lead to. We live in mystery and from mystery, and maybe the best we can do is appreciate what seems a blessing and try to wait and see what might come or what might be made of what seems a curse. And try to be open to 'busted plays' (if I may football-analogize) as opportunities for improvisation and for the arrival of the prodigious, which is always waiting just out the door to the alley for a chance to sneak in and romp out onstage unbidden and unexpected and far more wondrous than anything we could have thought up."
As a part of this week's Gathering, we'll also share a community potluck meal. The offering is still to be determined.

Thankful for The Gathering community and looking forward to Sunday,


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gathering for Worship

Sunday, August 5, 5:30 pm, 618 Locust Street

This Sunday we will re-gather for worship at Promenade Square. We will share stories of vacations, reunions, cook-outs, community dinners, and other summer activities that have reminded us again that the world is indeed "charged with the grandeur of God" (Gerald Manley Hopkins).

 We'll also share a summer potluck following our worship time. Our financial offering will be designated for The Gathering (our regular operating account and our future facility fund), and we will continue to collect non-perishable foods for Project Dignidad.