Saturday, May 26, 2012

God of Many Languages: Celebration & Remembrance

Gathering for Sacred Readings to Celebrate Pentecost and Observe Memorial Day Sunday, May 27, 5:30 pm, 618 Locust Street

"God meets us in the messiness of different languages and does not ask us to speak God’s language.  Instead, God chooses to speak our many languages." - Eric Barreto

Our "potluck" this coming Sunday night has nothing to do with food, but instead concerns how we individually and collectively experience Sacred Spirit.  Therefore, you are invited to bring and share readings, poetry, verses from sacred text, art, music, etc., that are meaningful to you.  In addition, because of the weekend's emphasis on Memorial Day, you are also invited to bring something by which you remember and/or honor a loved one who now lives in your memories.  We will co-create worship as we share these treasures together. 

Our offering will be designated for the North Concho Enrichment Foundation, which is establishing a free library in the Carlsbad and Water Valley areas.  You can read the recent Standard-Times article here:  Because it's the fourth Sunday of the month, we will not share a meal.  The following Sunday, June 3, we will share a worship service and community potluck.  


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Night: Queen of the Sun

It's Show Time! 
Gathering for a Movie
Sunday, May 20, 5:30 pm, 618 Locust

From Roger Martens: "I've just watched Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?, the movie we'll see at this Sunday's Gathering. I am left with a sense of wonder not only for bees and the natural world, but also for the spiritual wisdom of the small-scale beekeepers who are trying to protect them."

This is an 83 minute beautiful gem of a movie, and the conversation led by Roger will be engaging and satisfying as well. Our offering is yet to be determined. Because of the film, we won't have potluck, but you are welcome to bring good movie snacks. And of course, anything made with honey is appropriate!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Progress Report re: Neil's Transplant Journey

I think it's been 3 weeks since the last update via this venue, and it's hard to believe that much time has passed. The days have been full with steps toward recovery - literally and figuratively. Yesterday, Neil and I enjoyed a 1 1/4 mile walk along the river; what a gift it is to get to walk together!

 As we get further from surgery (he's now 4 1/2 weeks post-transplant), the surgical side effects are beginning to wear off, which helps with just about everything. He's grateful for more restful sleep, more mental clarity, more energy and strength.

While the learning curve is still steep, the process is less overwhelming; for instance, because of the suppression of Neil's immune system, proper food preparation is critical in order to avoid any possible bacteria. I figure since I haven't accidentally killed him yet, we're on the right path.

As we're managing the practical pieces of living with a lung transplant, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the past month are beginning to bubble up. This gift of life is so precious and humbling. We are both acutely aware of how many people living with serious illness do not experience this kind of resurrection; we know Neil's new life is due to someone's untimely death and the incredible graciousness of that person's family. With each deep breath Neil experiences, we hold the donor's family in prayer as they grieve the death of their loved one.

We're also aware of being held in the breath of Spirit and the heart of God by so many people - many of whom we don't even know. It's been incredibly sacred and sustaining for us and has made a significant difference in this journey. Thank you.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gathering on Mother's Day

Tonia Marine will lead Sunday's Gathering in exploring feminine aspects of spirituality and the Divine. The offering is still to be determined.  While this is a second Sunday of the month, and therefore, not one of our usual potluck nights, we cannot gather on Mother's Day without food.  After all, the sharing of food is part of the gift of nurturing.  So bring "mom's best recipes" - whether they are your own mother's, someone else's mother's, or perhaps your best recipe, make it, bring it and we'll call them all "mom's best."  Join us.

May 13, 2012, 5:30 pm, 618 Locust Street

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pluralistically Gathering for Worship

Sunday, May 6, 5:30 pm, 618 Locust

On the first Sunday of May, faith communities across the world dedicate their worship to a celebration of our interfaith world.  As The Center for Progressive Christianity, organizer of the event, explains, "We can grow closer to God and deeper in compassion - and we can understand our own traditions better - through a more intimate awareness of the world's religions."  The Gathering will participate in Pluralism Sunday this Sunday, May 6.  Nancy York is planning and leading the event and is glad for your help.  The offering recipient is still to be decided.  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexican food is the potluck theme.